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Shenzhen Olloy New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of high-performance polymer new materials. The company has a professional production base for new material products in Huizhou with an annual design and production capacity of tons. It also has its own R&D centers in Shenzhen Longgang Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Changchun Sino Russian Science Park, mainly for R&D Produce and sell various core products, such as halogen-free flame retardant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant wire and cable materials, various high-performance modified plastic alloy materials, various plastic alloy compatibilizers, and toughening agents. The products have distinctive personalized characteristics. The main products also have a number of invention patents. After years of hard work, Oulongyou has cooperated with many modified plastic enterprises by taking advantage of its strong technical advantages. Its products are gradually known in the industry for their excellent performance, convenient use and strong cost control. The influence of the product industry is growing and the market competitiveness is growing. With its superior cost-effective products and advanced technology, Oulongyou is rapidly developing and growing, becoming an indispensable and most dynamic enterprise in the industry.

Shenzhen | 1-3 years | technical secondary school

Good image, good quality, outgoing personality, good language expression and communication skills; 2. Responsible for the promotion of the company's products, customer information investigation and information understanding of competitive products; 3. Have high sales enthusiasm, good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility;

Sales Supervisor

Strong communication ability, efficiency oriented, passionate; 2. Have strong market development, customer communication ability, strong communication skills and team management ability; 3. Have keen observation, analysis and judgment ability; 4. Be able to withstand greater work pressure and sales performance requirements; 5. Fully understand

Marketing Specialist

Proficient in using office software and PPT tools; 2. Be familiar with official account operation, master basic network knowledge, and understand website promotion, operation and maintenance; 3. Have strong plan writing ability, and be able to assist the general manager in handling daily affairs and writing relevant plans; 4. Handle internal and external official documents.

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