Why are we?

Professional, cutting-edge, robust is a polymer material partner worthy of your trust.

R&D+intelligent manufacturing

With strong scientific research strength, global application case accumulation, intelligent manufacturing capability and comprehensive satisfaction

Industry quality certification

High standard material laboratory constructed and operated in strict accordance with IEC17025 specification

Service tenet of win-win cooperation

With customer service as the tenet and cutting-edge technology. A good partner of polymer materials worthy of your trust.

Main products



TPU thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber, mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type


TPEE has the elasticity of rubber and the strength of engineering plastics


TPO polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer is a high performance elastic material


TPE has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience and injection molding


LSZH is the material classification of wire sheath in wire and cable industry

Products advantages

Technical R&D and sales of polymer materials

R&D Center

Free R&D and production services

Intelligent manufacturing

Covering an area of 1000 mu of plant, 7X24 can only be used for safe production and quality assurance

Quality certification

The quality assessed by professional institutions.

Cooperative Partner

Hundreds of partners in various industries provide professional services.

Customer Service

Perfect after-sales server to achieve the purpose of customer service

Industry experience

20 years of technology and experience in the industry escort our products

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